Shop Policies/FAQs


Do not leave in extreme heat or cold. Over 170° can cause the plastic to warp. Below freezing can cause the plastic to break.

Do not apply excessive weight to items as it may cause damage. Do not pull/push clips or hooks outward/inward or apply excessive force to them as they may break.

Damaged Items

Only items damaged during shipping will be replaced and must be reported within 3 days of delivery. We are not responsible for any packages lost in transit, delivered to the wrong address, or stolen after delivery. Items must be returned to the seller.


Please take note of the shipping times listed at the time of purchase. We try to ship before the time posted, depending on how many items are in our queue, items may take up to the time frame given at the time of purchase.

We are not responsible for lost items, items delivered to the incorrect address, stolen items after delivery, damaged items by the customer, or damage done to the wagon.

All items are shipped USPS, you can add $100 automatic insurance coverage which covers lost, damaged, or missing items while in USPS custody. This coverage does not apply after it has been marked delivered.


We only do cancellations within 24 hours of purchase. We are not responsible for how long funds take to be returned after a refund is given.