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Life is a Puzzle 3D, LLC

Bogg Bag Phone Holder

Bogg Bag Phone Holder

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All items are made to order and ship in 2-5 weeks.

This cup holder securely screws onto your Original or Baby Bogg bag, if you own a dupe send us a message with a picture showing the vertical measurement between holes as the dupes vary in hole size/distance.

Any cup 3" or smaller will fit in the drink holder.

This is made to order and may arrive with minor imperfections.

Item is made of PETG which means you do not have to worry about leaving it in a hot car. The item may soften in extreme heat (185+ degrees heat) or become brittle in below-freezing weather.

*Excessive weight/force should not be applied to the item.

Please view shop policies for cancellation/return FAQ.

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