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Wonderfold Snack Bowl

Wonderfold Snack Bowl

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All items are made to order and ship in 2-5 weeks.

A snack bowl holder with a removable washable bowl for the side of Wonderfold Wagon W1/W2/W4 series. It is made to fit over the middle of the sidebar where the flap of fabric is.

Each order comes with one assorted color 15.5 oz bowl that can be removed by sliding out from the front or back with both hands. The bowl is secured in the mount so children cannot easily remove it.

This is made to order and may arrive with minor imperfections.

The item is made of PETG. The item may soften in extreme heat (185+ degrees heat) or become brittle in below-freezing weather.

*Excessive weight/force should not be applied to the clips nor should they be pulled outwards away from each other.

Please view the shop policies for cancellation/return FAQ.

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